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Being the charismatic, self-confident, successful person you know you can be!

Elevate your professional image to boldly create unstoppable success.

Professional Image Development is not about finding the right “power tie” to wear to the next meeting or having your lipstick match the colours of your corporate logo. Your professional image should represent who you are, what you’ve accomplished and how you expect others to respond to you. A well-presented professional image plays a critical role in allowing you to stand out, be heard, get recognised and make an impact.

How I will help you create a professional image to achieve your full potential.

Wardrobe Assessment & Recommendations: I will teach you how to dress to align with where you want to go.  Clothes should reflect the best version of you so you can show up in the best possible way for success. I will show you how to choose a wardrobe in colours, fabrics and cuts that best flatter you, so your well developed image genuinely expresses who you are and where you’re going.  You will be shown easy ways to update the pieces you currently own and be advised on what items are missing from your wardrobe to develop your professional image.  You will also learn to accessorize  your look to create a statement that will make people take notice. Imagine waking up every morning excited for the day ahead, knowing that your wardrobe is filled with items that flatter you and resonate with who you are and project your confidence and abilities. 

Hair, Make-up & Grooming: Discover how to enhance your face shape. For women, learn about which hairstyles and cosmetics enhance your natural features to let your inner beauty and strength radiate. For men, the hairstyle and facial hair that suit you most are equally important to projecting the image you want others to see. 

Colour Analysis: Colour can have a huge impact on how we look, how we feel and how others perceive us. Wearing colours that complement your natural colouring can make you look healthier, more vibrant and younger. Colour is also a wonderful tool for giving your look an instant boost. Learn about how colour can not only affect your mood, how you look but what message wearing certain colours projects to others.

Body Language, Communication Skills and Business Etiquette: Your professional image is vitally important to the successful conduct of business. Appropriate behavior establishes trust among business contacts, and a good flow of communication improves the efficiency of any enterprise.  People you come in contact with will assess you by how you dress, your personal grooming, your body language, your handshake and the fluency of your communications skills. All of these together add up to your professional image. The way you interact with your co-workers, especially your listening skills, helps them to feel valued and engaged. The expertise of your communications skills contributes significantly to your speed of promotion. You will learn to:  

  • Be able to clearly communicate a vision and mission
  • Influence negotiations with mannerisms and relevant body language
  • Enhance your self-confidence in presenting yourself and your ideas
  • Exercise proper business etiquette
  • Apply techniques to increase visibility and personal presence

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